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Developing your expertise and supporting your patients through their diabetes journey

Education & Services for healthcare professionals

Medical education diabetes learning programmes
Your training. Your way.

Our diabetes learning programmes are designed to provide you with enhanced insights on Medtronic Diabetes therapies to help your patients to optimize their glycemic control and quality of life. The following aspects are at the core of our programmes:

  • Holistic and patient centric
    Considering all aspects of diabetes care (clinical, technical, emotional and financial) to optimize your patient’s clinical outcomes.
  • Personalised
    Tailored to various roles and proficency levels
  • Flexible
    Formats include face-to-face and virtual courses with Medtronic faculty and European Key Opinion Leaders, e-Learning modules, hands-on workshops, videos and didactic resources.

Access to our programmes

Together, we are transforming diabetes care so people with diabetes can enjoy greater freedom and better health.

Carelink™ system

Carelink™ System

Personalised patient outcomes.

  • Designed to take information from Medtronic insulin pumps, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) devices and Blood Glucose (BG) meters, CareLink™ System provides insightful reports, allowing you to spend more time on helping your patients manage their diabetes.
  • The portfolio of CareLink™ reports can identify trends, track daily activities and help you identify patterns and behaviour which may be affecting a patients diabetes management.
  • With CareLink™ System, you have: exclusive access to patients insight reports, access to reports via web browsers on PC, Mac or iPad tablets and online access, whenever and wherever you like.

Access to "Carelink System"